MusicSourceCreative is a network of producers & musicians based in San Diego, California.  We are focused on creating cutting edge music that enhances your production needs.  Our team are ambassador’s within their music communities, and have access to all of the hottest trending artists, musicians, & tracks San Diego has to offer.

MusicSourceCreative was started by Marc Espo, a Los Angeles native who relocated to San Diego.  Always one to foster collaboration, Marc has worked with industry leading producers and sound engineers in studios such as Right Track Studios, Studio West, Iacon Sound Studios, Capricorn Studios, Magnatron Studios, & many more.  This talent pool is the foundation of MusicSourceCreative network.

MusicSourceCreative has also developed a strategic partnership with Music Zirconia, the premier Tribute Band agency in the world.  Through this partnership, we are now able to produce top level re-productions of your favorite hits.

MusicSourceCreative is ready to continue building collaborations and delivering the best music to fit your needs!